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Moving Belt Clever Carry

Moving Belt Clever Carry

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It helps reduce the risk of injury by employing proper body mechanics and leverage to make lifting objects safer and easier.
From moving furniture, and mattresses, to carrying smaller items like firewood, mulch or boxes,
It easily lifts it all.
Its versatility makes it great for moving, but also perfect for working in the yard, around the house or in the office.
Easy Lifting Handle Unlike other lifting and moving equipment that dig into your forearm, shoulder or back, this strap provides the function and convenience of handles to any object, making your move faster and smoother.
Adjustable Strap extra wide 6 inch strap is simple and easy to use, adjusting quickly from 3 feet up to 6 feet long allowing the user to lift items weighing up to 600 lbs. from their desired height.
There's no need for a dolly, hand truck, a complicated harness, or uncomfortable straps.
It can be used by one person or two people, so even when you don't have an extra hand, you can still lift that heavy object on your own.

Main raw materials: ABS
Specifications: pp bag packaging
Skin Type: General
Efficacy: anti-wrinkle
Product opening length: 1.7 meters
Product handle width: 150CM {webbing width 10CM}
Maximum load capacity: 100KG

Package Content:
1 x moving belt 

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